Our Story

Despite being a warm-hearted country with a vigorous history and a radical-chic vibe on the streets, Serbia has still remained very mystical. Atleast, for all the people that we have met in our ventures across the world, it is the place that they have never thought to visit.

On the other hand, cycling is something that gives us an absolute freedom of movement! It has a power to erase country borders, connect us with charming people, and teach us how to appreciate nature. By using bicycle as a pure and honest mode of transport, how might we as individuals full of youth and energy reveal the most beautiful landscapes in the Balkans?

Upside Down is not just a movement. It gathers a group of adventurers driven by the powerful mission, always on the move, and whose funky personalities can only be connected by bicycles and digital technologies.


Our Mission

Our mission is to smooth out, cultivate, and turn this dubious image about Serbia the other way around.

To do so, we aim to reach out to digital nomads and adventures from all over Europe, and give them half a million reason to visit this country.

In the first edition of Upside Down, the 10 people squad from Belgrade and Stuttgart (Germany), will ride across Serbia to capture and share the story that will spark curiosity.



With 640km and 10,530 meters of vertical climbing, the squad will need to cope with extreme physical efforts and inner struggles, as well as enjoy local food, renowned landmarks and amazing sceneries.

Day Goal Distance & Climbing
Day 0 Riders briefing in Belgrade 0km – 0vm
Day 1 Belgrade – Beška – Sremski Karlovci – Novi Sad 126km – 600vm
Day 2 Novi Sad – Fruška Gora – Šabac – Valjevo 130km – 1270vm
Day 3 Valjevo – Kućica na Drini – Jezero Perućac – Tara 105km – 2450vm
Day 4 Tara – Jezero Zaovine – Drvengrad – Zlatibor 95km – 2770vm
Day 5 Zlatibor – Uvac 120km – 2470vm
Day 6 Uvac – Ivanjica – Belgrade 61km – 1050vm


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We need you

We are in this together!

First and foremost, we need to finance filming of our documentary film, book some huts to crash overnight and consume zillion calories per day.
Good equipment can help us stay dry and move efficiently while we hit steep gravel roads you have never heard of.

Lastly, help us make a buzz by sharing our story on any media you find suitable.


Mount Everest

It's hard to pull this on your own without cool organizations to watch you back



Collaborate with us and support our cause


Marc Lehmann +49 (0) 163 7777197

Nemanja Cedomirovic +381 (0) 60 5777631

Predrag Spasojevic +49 (0) 152 56456345

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